Adrienne Chan

PhD Student, Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
ARCS Scholar

B.Sc. Animal Biology, University of Guelph
B.Sc. Marine Biology, Dalhousie University
MS Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University

As a member of the Benthic Biogeochemistry Lab, I am interested in studying how changes in sediment biogeochemistry stemming from human activity alters benthic community composition and activity.

Major constituents of the benthic community include organisms known as bioturbators, which mix sediments as they burrow and feed. As they conduct these activities they alter sediment chemistry through sediment irrigation and particle mixing. The focus of my thesis is to assess how these activities affect iron cycling in coastal waters by combining numerical models and ecological, porewater, and flux data.

Research Interests

  • Benthic ecology
  • Bioturbation and bioirrigation
  • Aquaculture impacts
  • Sediment biogeochemistry
  • Numerical modeling

chanad [at]
Weniger 567