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OSU College of Pharmacy’s Alumni Advisory Board Initiative ‘Food Fueling Success’ Holds First 2021 Virtual Crock Pot Cooking Class for P1 Class

On Monday, February 15, 2021, ten P1 students gathered virtually with alumni and Ad Hoc committee co-chairs Nancy Louie Lee (’79), Katie LaRue (’18), Alumni Director Paige Clark and the Orange office for a Virtual Cooking Class via a camera-enabled “Zoom” meeting. The class is part of the Alumni Advisory Board’s Rx for Success initiative: Food Fueling Success. With the help of the, alumni and other supporters were able to purchase Crock Pot Kits that supply students with a slow cooker and ingredients for three healthy and affordable meals. 

In the time of COVID-19 and social distancing, the OSU College of Pharmacy Alumni Office arranged a contactless pick-up or drop-off of cooking class supplies. During the Monday evening class, Katie LaRue (’18) demonstrated our “Finals Week Minestrone Soup” recipe which costs $5.75 for approximately 4-6 servings. Students were provided with ingredients for two additional recipes: “Beaver Chili” and “Pharmie Pasta”. Nancy Louie Lee (’79) spoke with students about the pharmacist’s role in identifying local assistance resources for future patents and this event also emphasizes the importance of healthy, affordable meal planning and preparation as an essential tool for P1 students throughout pharmacy school. “In order to serve our patients we need to also take care of ourselves, and this starts with proper nutrition for yourselves now, during your time in pharmacy school and building understanding of nutritional resources for your patients in the future.” Katie spoke about her work with pharmacy patients in her clinic in Salem, where she regularly discusses healthy and affordable eating as part of her medication consultation with patients.

Pictured: Katie LaRue (’18)

Food Fueling Success is an ongoing initiative and our goal is to provide each pharmacy student with a Crock Pot Kit and Cooking Class during their P1 year. The goal is that students leverage these tools and skills throughout pharmacy school. As stated by OSU College of Pharmacy Alumni Director, Paige Clark, “Thank you to our Alumni Advisory Board for their support, vision, and leadership in assisting my office in developing this project in direct support of our students.  In response to growing food insecurity among students, this effort provides every student with tools, recipes, education about affordable cooking methods, information about nutritional support programs, raises awareness of OSU resources, and it connects our students directly to our alumni family in a meaningful manner.”

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