Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

When I am presenting myself to future employers, my brand is that of a hard working, dependable, and cooperative employee. I want to make a good first impression when speaking with potential employers so I make sure to emphasize my strengths. These include diligence, an ability to work well in teams, and good interpersonal communication skills. My primary weakness is a tendency to procrastinate my work when it is particularly stressful to me. I also make sure to provide examples from my past experiences that offer corroboration of these skills. In addition to my skills, I work to highlight my background and how it makes me unique as a job candidate.

I could communicate all of this information about myself to potential employers in a novel and creative situation wanted ad by creating a vlog that encompasses my skills, weaknesses, and unique attributes as an employee. A vlog is a video blog which employees could utilize to present their personal brand to potential employers in a more interactive way. By sending a vlog rather than a resume when applying to an organization, applicants may offer themselves an advantage by establishing a more personal relationship with the HR Manager. The addition of video and audio would likely serve to improve the overall resume experience and the ability to communicate one’s personal brand. However, it could also present a number of other issues if the hiring manger has access to that much information. Resumes are helpful in that they provide a uniform way to present employee information. Allowing hiring managers to see and hear potential applicants could pose the issue of enabling discriminatory hiring. While a vlog could offer a fresh new way to communicate one’s brand, organizations must be careful to minimize prospective employment discrimination. In certain situations where employees are expected to be creative and create content, this could be particularly popular.

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