Most Important Thing I’ve Learned

Over this last term I have learned a lot of useful and very relevant information about my rights as an employee. Prior to taking this course I did not know what questions employers are and are not allowed to ask you as an applicant. For example, if an interviewer had asked me for my maiden name or my future plans regarding children I would not have known that this is evidence of an intent to discriminate. Now that I am aware of these legal boundaries I believe that I will be a more informed and overall better interviewee and in the future interviewer.

In addition to learning about discrimination laws, I appreciated learning about the EEOC complaint process. Knowing that the EEOC can file a lawsuit on my behalf if my organization does not address discrimination experiences is a relief. Many individuals may choose not to go forward with a lawsuit due to the immense costs of hiring an attorney. Having the option to alert the EEOC and allow them to handle the lawsuit is a great benefit. It is also important to know that you must report the experience to a trusted source within 45 days of the incident and that the EEOC has 180 days to finish their investigation. It would be very unfortunate if someone was unable to pursue action against discrimination due to lost time.

Finally, I believe that learning about the difference between disparate treatment and adverse impact was very important. These two types of discrimination are vastly different from one another but are equally important to know because they both have legal repercussions.

I believe that these topics are the most important thing I have learned in this class because they have real-world implications. In my future career I will more than likely experience or witness discrimination first hand. I feel much more confident entering the workplace now that I have the necessary tools to identify and report this discrimination if it occurs.

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