What am I good at?

I am good at being organized and very detail oriented when working on any given task. I always make sure to plan out my future steps in order to ensure that nothing is left out. Oftentimes this helps me accomplish my work much quicker because I am prepared for any situation.

What do I value?

In my life I value my friends and family as my number one priority. I particularly value loyalty in these relationships. Finally, I appreciate opportunities to travel and have new experiences whenever possible.

How did you get here?

I got here primarily through the support of my mother. As the daughter of an immigrant and a single mother, I have often wondered where I would be now had my mom never come to the United States. I also got here with the help of my grandparents, friends and teachers. My hard work in school has also contributed to where I am today.

Where am I going?

I have one more class to take before I am officially done with my MBA! Afterwards, I plan on going to Montenegro to visit my grandparents. While there, I will also have an internship and am looking forward to my first ever work experience in another language. I hope this experience will provide me with some direction regarding whether I want to work abroad or remain in the United States in the future.

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