Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

In the presence of future employers, my personal brand would reflect how driven I am. I would want employers to know I am a hardworking employee who actively sets and achieves goals. A few of my strengths include being organized, efficient, humble, and a servant leader. I consider myself as outgoing and approachable; I’m able to connect with the people I meet. I believe this is important, especially when working in a team environment. Another area that is unique to my personal brand, is representing myself in the best way that aligns with my values. Some of my values include honesty, compassion, and authenticity. From experience, one of my biggest weaknesses includes taking on a lot of responsibilities instead of reaching out for help. As a leader I’ve worked on my ability to delegate tasks more often in complex situations. What makes me different from others is my consistent performance in the work that I do each day. I do my job beyond the minimum, I take all feedback to heart, and seek continuous growth.

All of this information could be communicated to employers in a novel and creative situation ad in the form of a personal and professional video. The video would start off by introducing myself and my personal brand. From there, I would describe other interests and passions I have outside of the business world. This video wouldn’t only talk about my work experience but also actively show what I do at my current job. I imagine the video would give employers a deeper insight on how I work well in a fast-paced environment, provide a positive impact in customer service, and use positive coaching to motivate employees to complete the goals of the organization. I would also like to incorporate the people I work with in my video. Over the past years I’ve had wonderful connections with several people I work with. I wouldn’t be who I am, or as successful, without an amazing team. A great way to promote my story, would be through the use of business social media platform, along with the use of LinkedIn to expand my network.  

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