When I evaluate myself on what I’m good at, first, I immediately think of people. One of my biggest strengths is the ability to form genuine, long-lasting connections with people; I take the time to show people I care. Another strength that I embody is a strong work-ethic, I’ve worked for the same company for… Continue reading Self-Reflection

Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

In the presence of future employers, my personal brand would reflect how driven I am. I would want employers to know I am a hardworking employee who actively sets and achieves goals. A few of my strengths include being organized, efficient, humble, and a servant leader. I consider myself as outgoing and approachable; I’m able… Continue reading Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

Week 3: Job Description

By: Amy McConnell I’ve had my current job at Dutch Bros Coffee for the past five years. Reflecting back on the job description itself, a lot of what I knew about the job description came from the people I knew who already worked for the company. Instead of looking at a job description on a… Continue reading Week 3: Job Description