When I evaluate myself on what I’m good at, first, I immediately think of people. One of my biggest strengths is the ability to form genuine, long-lasting connections with people; I take the time to show people I care. Another strength that I embody is a strong work-ethic, I’ve worked for the same company for five years. I have a passion for my job, I work hard each day with goal-oriented mindset.

My values include honesty, compassion, leadership, and humility. I believe honesty is a value people seek from each other, which in return helps us form stronger connections. Showing compassion towards others has taught me how to place other people’s needs first above my own. Compassion drives me to be a selfless leader for others. As a leader, I want to set the best example, and be a positive guideline for others. I value humility because I believe it is important to understand when I am wrong, and how to further improve my actions.

I got to where I am now with the help of my family, my teachers, and my friends. I got here through a series of choices and actions that have benefitted my life immensely. I got here by learning from my mistakes and choosing to do better.

Right now, I’m graduating as a first-generation college student. I’ve landed a job as a field rep with a company I love. I’m working on manifesting the goals I’ve laid out for my future self. I’m on the road to success based on my own happiness.

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