What A Trip!

Some of the group has been back in the USA for a bout a week now, while others are off still adventuring in Europe or participating in internships from all over  the world! Since I’ve been home I have had many people ask me how my study abroad experience went and what it entailed. To save everyone from the long description of day by day details, I’ll touch on some of the highlights that I think everyone on the abroad trip will agree with.

1. The first day means absolutely no sleep, but you’ll be having too much fun to even notice how exhausted you are. We left Portland at 8:00 am Monday and arrived in Zurich at 8:00 am on Tuesday… and immediately started our trip!

2. You’ll be learning about the topic your program entails and you will also get to participate in different cultural events and sightseeing during your free time. Plus, the free time is when you not only work on your program requirements, but its the best time to hang out with the people you are participating in the program with. Some of the best times I had was visiting the Duomo di Milano in Italy with Anyssa and OSU advisor Autumn  and paddle boarding with some of the students in Lake Bled.


3.  There are some really cool academic events tied into the abroad program as well. Our group got to see the World Expo in Milan and visit the wooden tower Pyramidenkogel and slide down its slide!

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4.  The food, drinks, and desert will be one of the trip’s highlights. My favorite food in particular was Slovenia’s and Austria’s sausage.

5. You get to learn about different cultures and forestry practices from multiple perspectives. Our program had the opportunity to travel with Slovenian students from the Univeristy of Primorska so it was interesting and fun to hear their take and knowledge on topics. Also, travelling with students from OSU, OSU Cascades, and an E-Campus student from Montana gave light and different understandings on multiple forestry concepts throughout the trip. You’re able to gain knowledge from multiple individuals and make friends from not only Oregon State, but across the world!

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I think I can speak for everyone when I say it was one of the best times so far throughout my studies at OSU!


Here’s some of  us recreating the Sound of Music in Austria!