Milan Expo

The theme for the 2015 Expo in Milan was Feeding The World. The event is the biggest organized event revolving around agriculture with 140 participating counties displaying their best technology that will guarantee healthy and sufficient food for the whole planet. The showcase lasts from May 1rst through October 1rst.

We were greeted by a tour guide to examine the Slovenian exhibit. Here we learned about their five themes revolving around five senses. To begin the first theme was sustainability/ plants. We got to witness a design the country created to plant actual gardens on top of rooftops and housing side panels. Next we were showed the other theme, bees. Bees and their honey provide an important resource for the country. However, the bee population is dropping fast and the exhibit wanted to provide some insight to visitors on just how important they are to not only their country, but our world. Next was water. According to the tour, Slovenia has incredible drinking water full of healthy minerals. Additionally, the country has a few hot springs that provide an attractive feature to the country. Next the tour guide showed us the windmill exhibit. Here it talked about the second biggest source of pollution: black carbon. Lastly, we examined the salt exhibit within the Slovenia’s exhibit. Here the tour guide talked about the significance of salt for the country. In Slovenia they have the only salt in the world that is naturally white. It is collected and sold without additional preservatives. This was probably my favorite exhibit to visit and makes me super excited to visit the country here in a few days.

Next we visited the Malaysian exhibit. The structure was made out of tropical Glulam and inside there was a display about the country’s biodiversity. Rubber trees from Malaysia produces a lot of the materials needed to make rubber products and attracts a lot of tourists due to the abundance of fireflies.

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2 thoughts on “Milan Expo”

  1. Cool. Fireflies in Malaysia, or in the display? You are in for a treat during your time in Slovenia. Amazing place.

    1. Fireflies in Malaysia! Although there was a really interesting electronic wall in the Malysian display that had little lights that followed your hand to depict the fireflies. It was probably best that the display didn’t have real fireflies…

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