Manufactured Housing and Glamping!

Our next destination was Ljubljana (kinda pronounced “loo-be-yana”). But we made a few stops along the way! First stop was to Jelovica, which is a panel housing manufacturer. They put pieces of house walls together from the outside layer to the inside wall, including the electrical outlets and windows, then the pieces get transported to the building site and assembled together there. It was pretty neat! Here are some pictures:



Pictures of a wall being assembled




The cross section of a wall



After we visited Jelovica, we went to a kindergarten that was built by them.

20150624_123712 20150624_121742

We then visited lake Bled where the glamping resort was! 20150624_145832

20150624_150211 20150624_150122


We then made it safely to our new hostel in Ljubljana, which is surrounded in some neat graffiti displayed below!


20150624_180145 20150624_182238 20150625_202605


(Sorry I did not get a picture of the actual hostel)


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