Experiences With Discrimination

This week’s topic for the course is all about discrimination in the recruitment process in companies. We went into what this discrimination looks like and what are some of the reasons why this is a problem. But for this post, we were given a prompt. The prompt asked that if my favorite company were to be in the public news for discrimination of a group that I associate with, would I change my views, and will that affect my relationship with the company.

My personal favorite company is Amazon, just because I use it all the time. It is convenient and there really is no limit to what they can sell. There were so many times when I was in my freshmen year of college and I was looking for things to put into my room. And when it came to finding the things to put into my room, Amazon was always the answer. They already have some issues with some discrimination. I personally do not agree with them, but that does not stop me from getting things through them. I even have some Amazon Alexas. Yes, I have multiple. What it does change for me is that I would most likely never want to work for the company as it just is not something that I can really get behind. I may be paid in Amazon stocks but if the culture and the company do not sit right with me then I find it very hard to stay and be happy with the company.

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