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This week’s blog post will be about my last job, what was the job description, how did the job description influence my decision to apply to the job, and has the job actually followed the job description.

The last job that I had was the overnight shift at Home Depot. The job description went over some really basic things such as overall upkeep of the inventory, keeping the area clean for opening, and the use of machines such as forklifts. The job description was really in-depth and had a lot of things that emphasized that the job had a lot of physical labor. When it came to the job description’s influence on my decision to working there, there was not really much of an influence. This was during the summer and there was Covid. So it was a nice paying job that also had minimal contact with others. Also, since it stated multiple times that there will be a lot of physical labor, it made me want to work there more because I saw it as a nice way to get a little more exercise in my day.

When I actually got into the job and started working, everything that was described in the job description was being followed exactly. I think this is because of two things. Home Depot strives to not have any unions, so they need to keep things fair and transparent so that individuals don’t see the need to make a union. The second reason is that it is the legal thing to do. If that job had us clean toilets or something, that can lead to a lot of legal issues.

Overall, the job description at Home Depot was well thought out and did a good job in making me want to go into the company.

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