Week 1 – Blog Post: The Case for Recruitment & Selection

The recruitment and selection process is very important to a company’s success. As it helps the company gain a strategic advantage that can not be replicated and helps avoid the massive costs of hiring the wrong people. But some companies rather put their resources into other things such as marketing or product design. And in my opinion that can is because of one thing. The first is that it may not be a strategic fit for the company. Like in the slides Apple has put so much effort into the marketing of their product that if they were to come out with a new product, it will be able to sell really well, just because the brand has been built up so much. And Amazon is known for selling almost anything and getting it to your door relatively fast. Although it would be nice for these companies to put more resources into the selection process, it simply is not at the top of their list.

So what are some of the strengths and weaknesses that companies have if they don’t focus on the recruitment process as much? As I have mentioned earlier. Company’s like Apple have used their resources to build up their branding. Making the company recognized by almost everyone in the world. The disadvantage is that when they make a mistake and hire the wrong person that does not create a good work environment or is skilled enough it can really hurt the workforce and the end product. If the design team were to get a new hire that did not know what they were doing then Apple might not come out with a good product. Thus, losing them a lot of money and costing them a lot of money as well.

Overall, the recruitment process is really important for all companies and even though their strategic advantages are in other places it is still a very good idea to allocate resources into making the recruitment process better.

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