Week 1 – Blog Post: Job Application Experiences

From what I know a company’s application process can make or break a person’s experience with the company. This process will determine if that experience will happen in the first place. A good application process in the eyes of an applicant needs to be easily communicated and responsive. In this post, I will be talking about my most recent application process with my last job and how that process has affected my way of thinking and motivation for the position.

The most recent job that I have had to apply for was an overnight position for Home Depot. This was just a simple summer job to make a little bit of extra money. The company had a website that displayed the opening that it had for the specific store that In was going to apply for For the first parts of the application, it seemed pretty good. Everything went smoothly and the application that I have sent was responded to within the next couple of days. As I submitted my paperwork online and went through 2 interviews, I got the job. I just need to go through a drug test. I have been told that the drug test results will be finished within the week and I should be starting by then. But even after emailing them, I did not get a response for almost a month. I was applying for other jobs, but I preferred this one because the pay was the highest.

So how did this experience with the application process shape my impression of the job? I say that it gave me the impression that Home Depot does not really care about the employees all too much as they did take almost a month to even get back to my emails. My motivation was low. But I needed the extra money and I was still in the middle of other application processes so I kept on waiting.

Overall, it was not a great experience and I was on the verge of not working there.

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