Opportunities in a New Country

During class this week we talked about working in different countries. Even though working in a different country may seem like a dream, many factors come into play when making the ultimate decision. In this post, I will be talking about what I would consider before working internationally.

To start things off, I will begin with a big one. The language barrier. I do not think that the language barrier is too much of a factor for me. I am from Hawaii and there are a lot of people whose first language is not English and in some cases are unable to speak English at all. Non-verbal communication is key between conversations, especially with hands. So overall, the language barrier may have some issues but it is something that I am already accustomed to.

One factor that I care about is culture. Culture both in and out of the workplace. There are countries like Japan that have a completely different culture when it comes to the workplace. Things like working extra hours without overtime becoming the norm and if you do not stay you will be seen as selfish or lazy. Or that that in Japan, women still are treated poorly, where they are expected to become housewives and serve their families. These are things that do not fly by me and thus, I probably will not be looking.

The final factor that I would be considering is multiple things that can be lumped together. That would be considering the cost of living. Rent in certain areas can be very expensive and it may not even be enough to accommodate my own needs. Food can be expensive, transportation or the commute can be very costly. The exchange rate for USD can also be unfavorable.

When looking at all these considerations it is hard not to look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, as it relates so much to this. If the job can’t fulfill basic needs such as food, shelter, and belonging, then why should we consider the job in the first place.

This week’s topic was a great way to end off the term. I wish everyone a great spring break.

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