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Not Bad, But Still Violent
This was not a really bad storm, but it’s a violent storm that is eroding our road and coastline away. The picture was taken on November 6, 2020. There’s the village in the background that’s washing away too. In the background you can see where the wood racks are, where people hang their ugruks; and all of that, all of it, is washing away.

Ice Fishing
This is just fishing – catching tom cods and smelts. You can eat tom cods frozen or boil them. Smelts you bake or deep fry. If you eat fish frozen it’s called quaq. You wait until they freeze and you eat them. Tom cods are good. Tom cod fishing is fun, especially when there’s a lot of fish. The fish there are all smelts.

This is with a hand line, but dog mushers will sometimes fish with nets when the ice first freezes. That’s a net pole in the background.

Got Water
I just hope this picture turns out. It’s kind of grainy; but what we’re doing here is basically just getting ice because we don’t have drinking water or running water in Shishmaref. In the summer time we collect rain. In the wintertime we go and get ice from a pond that is 7 miles away on the mainland; and bring it by snow machine and sled back to the island.

Building a Wall that was Broken
They are basically re-putting the rock down that was washed away. It’s kind of dumb because FEMA came in and that rock wall got washed away; and then FEMA said, you know we can cover the spots that weren’t covered, but everything else, we can’t do anything about.

So the places where there weren’t rocks, everything else got washed away in the next storm. The piece of shore between guy and truck got washed away.

Breakup: May 28, 2016
I took this picture during breakup of the ocean ice, when I was trying to find a trail for people to go out birding. They were going across the channel. With the drone I can see where all the rotten ice is and make and find a better trail for them. It’s the same thing for when they go out ugruk hunting, I can make the best trail for them, going out.

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