Law and Policy Meeting – September 2019: Drs. Elizabeth Marino, Alessandra Jerolleman, and Julie Maldonado, in partnership with the Rising Voices: Climate Resilience through Indigenous and Earth Science program, convened a meeting with a leading group of legal experts and disaster scholars to better understand the legal parameters, limits, and possibilities related to community-led relocation within the United States in response to erosion, repetitive flooding, ecological shift and deterioration, and/or other outcomes related to climate change. In this meeting, held September 3-4, 2019 at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO, we were particularly interested in organizing our collective thoughts to better understand what primary set of research questions would shed light on the legal possibilities for community-based relocation, and what data sets are necessary to answer those questions.

You can download the proceedings: here

Buyout Meeting – April 2021: Elizabeth Marino and Alessandra Jerolleman, and Post-Doctoral Fellow Simon Manda convened a meeting with a leading group of law and policy experts and social scientists to discuss voluntary buyouts and acquisitions as a mechanism for facilitating community-led relocation. We were interested in identifying the constraints and opportunities voluntary buyouts may present to communities who have reasons to relocate together instead of as individual, property-based family units. We also discussed a research agenda for scholars interested in studying buyouts and identified significant gaps in our understanding of the processes and outcomes of this policy. The meeting was held virtually over two days in April.

You can download the proceedings here:

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