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NEW from the free Extension Catalog: Shrubs and Trees for Bees – by Scott Mitchell, Sandy DeBano and Andony Melathopoulos. Published March 2023. A great resource for MGs and gardeners!
  • Program funding – how stakeholders like you can help:
    • Via Jennifer Alexander, Extension Communications Director: “We need to ensure that state legislators continue to hear directly from their constituents—including youth—about the impact of Extension and the need for state funding. As one legislator put it to us on Statewides Day, we need to “flood them.” A push over the next few weeks would be helpful, as we head toward the next hearing for the Statewides budget bill that’s set for April 21. Here are resources to take action:
    • Exciting opportunity to support the Master Gardener program. On April 26, 2023, Master Gardeners and supporters will come together to show our belief in the Master Gardener program and Oregon State University’s Dam Proud Day. This 24-hour period is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of the Oregon State community, including supporting Master Gardeners and stretching ourselves toward our aspirations. As a featured fund on Dam Proud Day, we have a special opportunity to raise money to support our work. Here’s how Master Gardener volunteers, past and present, can help NOW. Read the post and get involved.

  • Volunteer opportunities [T] = includes opportunities that trainees can join now!
    • NEW! [T] Flex schedule. Volunteers are needed for one-time delivery of donated bee habitats to Tangent and South Shore schools. RSVP to Elza. Report service as Other Approved Projects: Indirect.
    • NEW! [T] Various dates – Linn County: Special Event Plant Clinics. Host plant clinics at Farmers’ markets and venues. Learn more and RSVP. Report service as Plant Clinic: Direct
    • NEW! [T] Mondays and Thursdays – Linn Office Plant Clinic. Test soil, view specimens, and respond to questions by email, phone and in person. Learn more and RSVP. Report service as Plant Clinic: Direct
    • [T] Wednesdays and Fridays – Linn County Master Gardener Association Demo Garden Workdays 1:00pm – 3:00pm. See a map to the garden HERE. Drop-in. Report service as Educational Garden Maintenence: Indirect.
    • [T] Community science. Contribute data to research on gardens, plants, and wildlife. Explore and sign up. Many projects are remote and on your own schedule. Report the time as citizen science: indirect. 

  • Continuing Education [G] = opportunities that Trainees can use for Garden Lab credit.
    • 4/6 – Linn Master Gardener Plant Clinic Tools Skill Sessions. 1:30-3pm at the Linn Extension Office, after PNW Brown Bag talks. Learn how to use the pH meter and microscope to help gardeners solve problems! Learn more and RSVP HERE.
    • Anytime. Recordings of Zoom Master Gardener training from Curry County with guest lecturers from OSU and beyond are available for any volunteer to take as continuing education. Trainees are also welcome to watch and supplement their classes. More links are being added weekly, see the current list HERE.
    • [G] 3/31 Growing Together – Soils & cover crops – 1:00pm – 2:00pm, Linn County Master Gardener Association Demonstration Garden in the Fairgrounds, 3700 Knox Butte Rd E, Albany
    • [G] 4/7 Growing Together – Garden planning – 1:00pm – 2:00pm, Linn County Master Gardener Association Demonstration Garden in the Fairgrounds, 3700 Knox Butte Rd E, Albany
    • 4/11 Growing Oregon GardenersGlobal Gardening: Asian Vegetables for Pacific Northwest Gardens, – 12:00pm – 1:00pm, ZOOM. Learn more & RSVP: beav.es/SJk
    • [G] 4/14 Growing Together – Seed Starting – 1:00pm – 2:00pm, Linn County Master Gardener Association Demonstration Garden in the Fairgrounds, 3700 Knox Butte Rd E, Albany

  • LCMGA News
    • The Demo Garden is now organized into sections with committees for each section. Choose one or more areas that interest you and join in. Suggestions for plantings are welcome. CLICK HERE for a list of the areas and the committee members to date. In May we will be at the Demo Garden on Monday evenings 6-8 pm as well as on Wednesdays and Fridays. Come and help us enliven the Demo Garden. Hope to see many of you in the garden.
    • BEEvent was a huge success. We had very positive feedback from attendees. The talks were informative and overall great! All the volunteers did a magnificent job helping everyone enjoy the day. Thank you to the organizers, Rich Little, Susan Morton, and Ranee Webb. Also a special thank you to Marc Webb for all the hours put in to make the Bee houses, blocks, and accessories. And thank you Joseph Nicastro (Robin Keeton’s husband) for making houses and Chuck Kirkpatrick for working on the blocks.

  • Community news (Please note that anything in this section is not eligible for MGV volunteer service nor endorsed by Extension, but is mentioned as a courtesy to our community.)
    • None this week – check back soon.

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