Committees are the backbone of the Association. Committee leadership is provided by a chair or co-chairs. Members of OSUEA4-HA are encouraged to be an active member of the association and join a committee. You may join a committee during your fall enrollment into the association or by contacting a committee chair.

Organizational Stewardship

The OSUEA Board

The Organizational Stewardship committee identifies and cultivates persons with leadership potential for the OSUEA4-HA, its parent OSUEA, and its affiliate NAE4-HA. It solicits nominees for OSUEA4-HA offices, produces and forwards a slate of candidates to the President, and manages elections of officers for OSUEA4-HA.

Member Recognition

Co-Chairs: Mike Knutz & Mario Magana

The Member Recognition committee solicits nominations and selects nominees/winners in each of the NAE4-HA award categories including, but not limited, to MSA, DSA, ASA, 25-Year Service Awards, Communicator Awards, Professional Development Awards, and the American Spirit Award.


Chair: Claire Sponseller

The Membership committee promotes the benefits of state and national association membership among all potential members. It maintains current membership lists and works with the OSUEA Membership committee and Treasurer, and the OSUEA4-HA Secretary and/or Treasurer to track the dues and committee interests of members at annual renewal time. It also coordinates lifetime memberships.

Professional Development

Chair: Karissa Dishon

The Professional Development committee develops activities and programs to enhance professionalism of the members.  It also creates awareness of and provides information on potential funding for attendance at national conference and other professional development opportunities

Programs Committee

Chair: Emily Anderson

The Programs Committee oversees the Youth Enhancement Grant, which supports 4-H Faculty and Staff to develop innovative programs that can be replicated in multiple counties. In addition, the Program Committee provides an opportunity through Shared Resources at the 4-H and FCH Spring Staff Conference for staff and faculty to share with peers through a non-refereed process.

Esprit de Corps

Chair: Sandra Carlson  & Judi Peters

The Esprit de Corps committee is charged with fundraising for the association each year to keep dues low. The funds are used to pay for awards, travel for officers to conferences, and assist with the cost of members to attend States Night Out.  In addition, Esprit de Corps Committee builds spirit through co-hosting an annual banquet at the 4-H and FCH Spring Staff Conference.

Health, Wellness and Balance

Chair: Carolyn Ashton

The Health, Wellness and Balance Committee promotes healthy living among its membership.  It does so by providing tools and resources to its members that will help them to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

News and Notes

Editor: Virginia Bourdeau

The News and Notes committee publishes a semiannual newsletter for the OSUEA4-HA membership. This newsletter provides an opportunity for committee members and officers to provided updates to the membership.

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