The OSUEA4-HA is a professional association that supports professional development of members, promotes the understanding of the status of the Extension 4-H Youth Development profession and provides opportunities for the exchanging of ideas and improvement of Esprit de corps within the membership. The Oregon State University Extension Association (OSUEA) is the parent organization of OSUEA4-HA. In addition, OSUEA4-HA is affiliated with the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA).  Please consult the OSUEA4-HA bylaws for additional information.

Extension staff and faculty with 4-H program assignments and other Extension staff who work with the 4-H program are eligible to become members of the OSUEA4-HA. Membership enrollment takes place in the fall and is facilitated by OSUEA. Although you may enroll in OSUEA4-HA year-round, members are strongly encouraged to enroll by December 1st to be eligible for awards.

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