The Subscribe to Comments Settings group relates to settings required for comment notification, messaging to role-based users, and styling for custom Subscription Managers. It contains the following items

  • Basic Information:
    • From name for notification: Name of your blog
    • From email address for notifications: Your e-mail
    • CSS clear on subscription checkbox: to clear the CSS for the subscription box if it appears in a strange location on your theme
  • Group / Role Based Messaging: allows creation of custom messages for different groups of people such as those not subscribed, subscribers, and authors.
  • Custom Subscription Manager Style: allows for creation of custom Subscription Manager styles.

The Blog Category feature describes the source of the blog.  Different blog categories differ slightly in features – for example, Student blogs do not have to possess the black OSU top hat on their themes, whereas Department blogs must have this present therefore students are supplied a different set of themes.  The blog categories for are:

  • Others
  • Student
  • Student Group
  • Staff
  • Faculty
  • Department

The Embedded Video Settings group relates to settings for links to video portals such as OSU Media Manager and You Tube.  It contains the following items:

  • Never Show Video Link: Hides video link when toggled.
  • In feed, show link to blog post: Provides a toggle and field to set a prefix for link to blog post.
  • Following space character: Add a following space to the prefix so it doesn’t run into title of media.
  • Use smaller font size for link: Forces a smaller font size for a link.
  • Video Object Width: Set the size for the video object up to 800 pixels.
  • Show link to plug-in page: Shows link to the plug-in page.