About me…and this blog

My first and most important job every day at this time in my life is to provide a modified ketogenic diet for my 3 year old daughter to treat her benign myoclonic epilepsy. For more details on the diet, see:


There I will do my best to provide a history of Nora’s epilepsy, our experience with the diet, and tips and tricks for what is working for her. Please visit us there.

Besides my experience providing a ketogenic diet for a 3 year old, I may add thoughts on my lives as an instructor, student, parent, partner, friend, and person. But there might not be enough minutes in the day to reflect on the rest of that, considering that doing precedes reflecting.

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4 Responses to About me…and this blog

  1. lawrence.kite@gmail.com says:

    looking for tips

    • Christy Anderson Brekken says:

      We have since re-organized our sites; I will change this intro to add a link to our new keto-diet site that will be all things from our keto-diet experience.


      There is already a lot more on that site, but I am still working on some background material. In particular, I want to add a page that details Nora’s first days on the diet, because that was a tough time with little guidance for us. Check out the new site and please ask any questions that come up and I will do my best to give our experience.

  2. Londoner says:

    This is a harsh diagnose for a such young girl but I am sure with a devoted mother like you she will be more likely to feel good.

  3. Man says:

    I have read a book written by a Russian author who explained the positive and negative fefects of every ingredient we are taking in our organisms. I do firmly believe that our food defines us as persons and that certain foor can be really bad for your genetaically disposed diseases that everybody carries within in latent state.

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