June 26-27: Nora’s birthday party and new do

Nora’s birthday party! What a riot! She invited 5 friends from school. They all came dressed up, which was pretty cute. Nora had everything planned out, of course. First, theymade their own bday treat (I underestimated their love of whipped cream). It was supposed to be a contest, but they just went wild and only wanted to eat their own concoction.

There was general silliness, chasing Anders around, and finally we got them to play a game of moving 1.5L of water using only straws (that kept them busy for awhile). They made 2 teams, each trying to fill their own water bottle. That kept them busy for quite awhile! Then they came inside to open presents, play charades, and general silliness. Nora made some sweet and spirited friends in Norway.

Nora decided she wanted a haircut that day too, so we made an appointment for the following day. Then in the chair she wanted a (temporary) color–a bit subtle in the picture–but so cute! Raspberry sorbet!

Ted and I ran some errands downtown, then went to Pirabadet one last time with the kids and friends (no pics, only fun), and dinner at Smak–falafel, tikka masala, fries–so much good food but everyone was so hungry. Great ways to spend the final days in Norway.

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