May 20: Burmaklippen, Estenstad Hytta and Lake

Another hike to Estenstadhytta yesterday with side trips to Burmaklilppen and Estenstad Lake. 6.2 miles/10km round trip from our house, over 16,500 steps. What a gorgeous day, and so many people out enjoying it! It is a kind of paradise, so beautiful.

We had to guess a path to get up to Burmaklippen, and had a lot of uphill climbing!


It’s really not that far down and it’s a solid slab of rock, but yes, we are a little anxious. The downward slope of the rock gives a feeling of … down. But the view! Nora didn’t want to go too far. It’s a “break some limbs” kind of fall, not a “certain death” kind of fall, but better safe than sorry.

Back at Estenstadhytta, the joint is jumping! This is just a tiny sliver of the people!

Next Ted navigated us to Estenstad lake, full of warm-weather revelers.

The water is fine! A man took a swim out to the middle and back again, but the kids preferred to stay close to shore. Nora was determined to fish out a stick that was just out of reach. Ted let her use his shoelace to lash 2 long sticks together, but she still couldn’t quite reach it. We kept telling her to swim out there, but no go. He told her that if his shoelace got loose, she would definitely have to swim out to get it because his shoe wouldn’t stay on for the long walk home. He was generous to offer in the first place. No stick, but no lost shoelace either.

We took a path home through the woods. The little white flowers are in bloom, like twinkling stars all the way back into the dark of the forest.


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2 Responses to May 20: Burmaklippen, Estenstad Hytta and Lake

  1. Loretta Rivard says:

    I especially loved the story of Nora trying to fetch the stick in the water. A dog could have easily done it but I am glad you have sweet Nora instead of a dog!
    I miss the sounds of the kids playing next door-miss all of you and I look forward to seeing you all. With no balls coming over the fence my throwing arm is getting out of shape!

    • Christy Anderson Brekken says:

      Thanks Loretta! It won’t be long before balls are coming back into your yard again 🙂

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