Admin update: Feedburner still working, for now

It appears that the Feedburner blog subscription service is still working, although some of its features have been down for a week. If you are still receiving these updates, there is no immediate need to change your subscription to Breaking Waves. We are pursing other options in the event the service does disappear.

Admin note: RSS feed moving from FeedBurner

Google is discontinuing its Feedburner service, which we’ve used for several years to distribute the RSS feed to subscribers of our blog(s).

If you’d like to continue receiving Breaking Waves via your favorite feed reader or mail program, visit and use the dropdown menu at the top of the page, next to “Subscribe to this blog using”, to select your preferred reading option. In some browsers, you will not see the dropdown menu, but you should see a “subscribe to this blog” link sowhere on the page.

Update: Older versions of Internet Exporer appear to have problems interpreting the subscription page. If you are unable to reach the page via IE, try updating update your browser or switching to a different one. In a pinch, you can also see new blog entries by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

Our apologies; we chose Feedburner because it greatly simplified things for subscribers. We regret that Google has chosen to discontinue the product.

We’ve moved!

Breaking Waves, along with Sea Grant’s other blogs and podcasts, has made the virtual move across campus to, the new WordPress blogging community for Oregon State University departments, faculty and students. With the move comes an updated redesign, but you’ll still be able to find all our archived news and information posts, along with new features we expect to add soon.

Please bookmark our new address:

If you subscribe to the blog via FeedBurner, you won’t need to do a thing – the feed will automatically bring you updates from the new location, whether you subscribe via a feed reader or by e-mail.

For more information about Oregon Sea Grant’s growing number of marine science blogs and podcasts, visit our Web site.