Admin note: RSS feed moving from FeedBurner

Google is discontinuing its Feedburner service, which we’ve used for several years to distribute the RSS feed to subscribers of our blog(s).

If you’d like to continue receiving Breaking Waves via your favorite feed reader or mail program, visit and use the dropdown menu at the top of the page, next to “Subscribe to this blog using”, to select your preferred reading option. In some browsers, you will not see the dropdown menu, but you should see a “subscribe to this blog” link sowhere on the page.

Update: Older versions of Internet Exporer appear to have problems interpreting the subscription page. If you are unable to reach the page via IE, try updating update your browser or switching to a different one. In a pinch, you can also see new blog entries by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

Our apologies; we chose Feedburner because it greatly simplified things for subscribers. We regret that Google has chosen to discontinue the product.

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