How to Have an Effective Interview

The interview process can be rather scary since you have to sell yourself and make a good impression on the company you are looking to work for. You need to dress well and be well-spoken but none of that matters should you set yourself up for failure in the interview. Starting a new role can be made or broken depending on how well the interview goes, but if you prepare correctly, the interview should be a walk in the park.

When companies receive applications, there is a lot of diversity that comes with these applicants and additionally, every applicant has a different amount of skillsets and work experience. Some companies hire based on experience whereas others will hire based on ambition, willingness to learn, and skillset, which can make finding a job difficult since every company is different. According to The Perfect Hire, the hiring “process is rather flawed. It ignores some of the core findings of industrial and organizational psychology on how to screen candidates” (par. 2). Conducting tests on candidates isn’t exactly the best way to see if an applicant is suitable for the company so that’s why interviewing is so important.

Speaking on behalf of interviews I’ve done, the ones I have prepared for have usually ended with me landing the job, granted the only jobs I have interviewed for are relatively easy to apply for, but they still require you to focus on making a good impression. Before the interviews, I would think of questions I have heard before or questions that would seem relative to the position I am applying for and practice responses to those questions repeatedly. I would say the hardest question to answer is when whoever is conducting the interview asks you to tell them about yourself since it can be a personal question but at the same time they want to see who you are in relation to what you have down on your resume. I feel if you can answer that question comfortably, your interview will be much easier from that point on.

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