Managing Stress

Stress is something we all go through in life and if anyone claims to not have stress or never experienced it, they are lying. The way people manage stress can differ depending on their personal situations, the amount of stress they are under, and the resources they have around them. This week’s learning material gave us insight into how stressed we might be in the future and how we might manage our stress, so if you need help addressing your stress, these assessments are just the tools for you.

The main assessment I took was the Rehe Stress Inventory and my score was 53 which meant I had a low chance of a stress-induced breakdown. After receiving this score, I felt as if it wasn’t correct and that I was living with more stress, but looking at the options in the inventory, I haven’t had many stressful events in my lifetime, which are subject to change of course.

Looking into the future, many variables are going to come up; job stability, family, and health problems which all in all-cause stress levels to rise. I think to counteract these stressors as I progress in my professional career would be to plan therapy sessions or have weekly check-ins with my spouse. Communication is key when you are stressed as it will just build up inside of you until it is unbearable and you explode or shut down with rage or depression. Another thing to counteract stress would be to take personal days or self-care days when you put your health before any other responsibilities. Stress will always be there so it is on you to take control of it and limit its damage on your mind.

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