Blog Post #1 – The Final Journey Begins

Hello, friends of the internet! I am Daniel, and welcome to my Capstone blog! In this journal, I will post updates on the progress of my capstone project, some technologies that I’m learning along the way, and a tiny bit about some video games that I might be playing during outside of work/school.

A little bit about myself – I grew up in Los Angeles, California and lived there until attending UCSD in San Diego, where I studied Biochemistry. Currently, I am working as a research associate for a biotech firm. A lot has happened this summer. In particular, me and my wife welcomed our first kid (a girl), Arielle! The first two weeks were a very fun and interesting experience. A lot of friends and family warned me about losing sleep and sanity, but so far it hasn’t happened to me yet! And I hope it stays that way!

During the summer, I also finished taking CS492 (Mobile Software Development). Initially, I didn’t have high expectations for the course, thinking it would just be an average class, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was my first time making mobile apps for iOS/Android and Flutter/Dart made it really easy to do. I thought it would be a great idea to take this opportunity through the capstone project to learn more about mobile development, like React Native, or anything really. As a result, some of the projects that caught my attention were:

  • Crowd-Sourced Travel Planner
  • Help Save Craigslist
  • Dating app for animal adoption
  • Crowd-sourced Fitness Challenge App
  • Crowd-sourced Shopping App
  • Paw Parks

But let’s see which project I get assigned to… until next time!

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