Final term post

During this term i have learn how to use WordPress to create a personal blog, and i also learn that how to add RSS to the social media, not only for the WordPress.During the time i learn how to use the WordPress, i also learn how to screenshot with out additional software, and i know that word document can be transform to PDF by itself In addition, i have learn how to use the library to find the correct article i want. I also practice the my excel skill again by having this class. I am very satisfied with this result. By taking this class i know that the gender gap is a very serious problem, even we close the education gender gap, there are still several others, like wage gap between different gender. I know women can also have great contribution on STEM. We can do the work just like men or we can do it even better. I also learn that there are many inventions invented by women. this is wonderful news for me. I will never know that if i do not choose to take this class.

I think share my live experience and thought is a very interesting thing. I will keep using blog. however, i may not use the same one. Those skill i learn during this term i will keep using them. I think knowing those skills will make my life and work handy.

I am glad that i have a wonderful experience with all the class.

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Some thoughts about the project & The list of my dream.

I am very satisfied with my research. I think i have done a nice job on it. I do not think i need to do any further activism. maybe i still need to make correction on my paper, but there is no need to do further research. I think the google self-driving car is deserve a better marketing because almost every manufacture is doing similar project, and those projects are all in the regular size car model which will limit the market. However, Google’s project offer different option for different user, customer can buy the car directly, or they can just buy the equipment to add it to their own car. I think this solution is very brilliant.

Google is a very good company and it has its own manufacture department. I do not need to give any suggestion to them. Oh, i am sorry, maybe i will say one thing that is try to design the car more cute.

The list of my dream:

  1. Found my own company;
  2. Travel round the world;
  3. Eat all delicacy all over the world;
  4. start a business to help studying aboard;
  5. Space travel;
  6. Have a baby.
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Finish the research topic

I am very satisfied with the function of uploading media. You can edit the image after you upload it. It is very easy to use. You can mirror the image and resize the image. It is a very cool feature. I am happy with it.

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Librarian experience

This week’s blog is about to write something about using library and chat with librarian to ask for help. I use the answerland to help me to find the article about the person i want to write about. I chat with a librarian whose name is Amy. I also have the chat log.  I have talk the librarian to ask her to help me to find some article about my topic, she first gave me some general topic about women inventors, and when i indicated that i want to write a specific person Limor Fried, she send a link to me, it direct link me to some topic about her. However, the article require log in to see the full text. I can understand that because the resource belong to the Library. I am very satisfied with the result.

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Hope i can still get the one point

After two times of trying, i still did not meet the requirement for this week’s blog. and i realized that i seems to start in a wrong direction. than i use the fast company website to track down the new topic. I found a person who i am very interested in. Her name is Limor Fried, the  founder of Adafruit industries. She was a MIT student, and her major was Electrical engineering. She start by building DIY stuff to sell. the first was a backup battery for iPod, then a phone jammer. then she found a company to start her career. I also know that she was a hacker. i was surprised, in my point that hacker almost are male, and here comes a female one, i was shocked, but i was so proud of her. She proved that our girls can do very well in the STEM.

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Another declare the research topic

I first post a topic about i will write about a television host who is also a mechanical engineer. My instructor gave me advise to choose another one because the person i will write does not have any invention. It will be hard to write my paper. So i did some research again, I decide to write about Grace Hopper who was a computer scientist In the United States, and she developed a computer programing language. She has make a very good contribution to the computer technology.

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Declare the research topic

I have found a very interesting topic, a Mechanical engineer student became a TV host. Deanne Bell  who is a co-host of a television show, and she also is a founder of Future Engineers. This is very interesting to me,  i wonder that what make her to made this decision, and how she balance herself between an company founder and a television host.

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Experience from Week 1 & 2

From the week 1 and week 2 experience, i have learn a lot of stuff about how to create a blog. I usually just use very simple blog tools such as Sina weibo, Facebook. It is very easy to use those function. When i try to create my own one, I find it is not hard than i thought. Now, i have my own Blog, and i customize it as i like. By following the instruction, i also add some cool feature into my blog. I am very happy about it.

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for future use (just for display the menu)

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Add RSS to my Blog

In this week, I follow the instruction to add two RSS to my Blog. When i try to add new source i found that my google account is in Chinese version, then i have to change it to english version first. Then i add gender and technology and women in engineering into the source. The last, i click the news then found the RSS link, then i copy the RSS link page address. Opening my Blog, choose customize, go to widget, type RSS in the search block, then paste the RSS address and type in a category, then publish my blog. This is fun, i have learn how to add some new useful tool into my Blog to help me Blog. Those RSS article really help me to learn about how the gender and technology issue in current world. and I found the new is more about technology and lack of women element.

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