Online class registration instructions

First, you will register in our system Ideal-logic using this link provided to you by the Extension office via email or their website.

Next, create an account:

You must use an outside provider account. Google, Facebook and Microsoft (including Live, Outlook, Hotmail) are the most common, under the “More options…” on the log in page are also Twitter and Linked in. If you have previously been in the system under one of these accounts, it should remember you when you log in.

Using one of these accounts is the only way OSU’s IT department will let our non-credit learners access Canvas, the learning system where your course content is held. OSU IT said the large social media companies log in portals are more sophisticated and secure. Plus we don’t hold your passwords to your log in in our system – they are held only within the external providers. So it is more secure. Unfortunately, we have no other options at this time for Canvas access.  We will not have access to your contacts, and nothing will post on your wall.

If you do not have one of those provider accounts, you will have to set one up just so you can access the modules.


When the online course content is launched, you will receive an email from Extension Service via ideal-Logic, saying that your course is now available. This email will also include a link to log in to the same system that you used to register for the course (Ideal-Logic).  If you can’t find that email or need the link now it is:

You will have to use this method every time you access the online course content in Canvas. You will have to be comfortable with your provider account. If you forget your password, you will have to request it through that External provider.

After you get logged in, it will open up to your Student Home. You will see the course name, and an orange Access Course button next to it. Click on the Access Course button, and you will be in Canvas, where you will access the course content.


This is the ONLY way to access the online modules. The Canvas app from the Appstore will not work and any log in links in email announcements sent from Canvas won’t work because it requires an OSU ID which are not issued to non-credit learners.

*Watch a step-by-step video on how to register here:

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