Class Links and Recordings

3/28/2023 Small Fruits, Kendal
Bernadine Columbia Basin Berry Presentation

Presentation for the small fruit class

Growing Blackberries

Growing Blueberries

Growing Raspberries

Growing Kiwifruit

Growing Strawberries

Growing Table Grapes

3/25/2023 Plant Problem Diagnosis- Neil Bell


3/18/2023 Native Plant Nursery, Humble Roots

Selecting Native Plants For Central Oregon 

This is a native plant guide that applies well for plantings and landscapes east of the cascades, including the gorge region.

3/14/2023 Pollinators – Andony Melathopoulos

OSU Pollinator Health Lab

The OSU Pollinator Health Program focuses on designing, developing, implanting, and evaluating a state-wide pollinator health strategy. Tons of good resources.

Oregon Flora

A Comprehensive guide to the vascular plants of Oregon


Smartphone based plant and insect (and bird and mammal) I.D.  software  from national geographic. Great for getting close enough to make a final I.D.

3/11/2023 Rose Pruning at Sorosis Park – Katherine Johnson

Pruning Roses

OSU Extension publication on rose pruning

3/8/2023 Firesafe Landscaping- Jacob Powell

PNW 590: Fire Resistant Plants for Home Landscapes

This is a very broad covering book of plants that work well in the yards and gardens, and have some fire resistant properties.

Central Oregon Flammable Plant List

A list of plants to keep out of the immediate zone around the house, or to consider protection measures for.

EM9184: Keeping Your Home Safe From Wildfire

A Defensible Space and Fuel Reduction Guide for Homeowners and Landowners

3/4/2023 Fruit Tree Pruning

PNW400: Training and Pruning Home Orchards 

The go-to OSU document to give homeowners with pruning questions, covers a wide range of trees.

Pruning with the Pros

This is a very useful pruning series with some focus on older and mature trees.

2/28/2023 Botany of the Gorge with Christina and Brad Mead

Flora Glossary 

Complete .pdf of the ID document the class referenced

SEEK iNaturalist App

Plant ID app, works with most smartphones to ID plant taxonomy. Its a great way to get close and make a final ID with books.

Master Gardener’s Botany

Slides from the class

2/21/2023 Soils Class with James Cassidy

California Soil Resource Lab

Maps and soil location data, a great resource for answering plant clinic questions as well.

Ward Soil Laboratories

A testing lab that we use for extension quite a bit. They have fast turn around and very reasonable pricing.

OSU Extension Catalog

Peer-reviewed, research-based learning materials published by OSU Extension. Huge array of publications. Most all free online in .pdf format.

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