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Education games/media designer for Oregon State University's Extended Campus Program Development & Training team

speeches you may find interesting:

* This one’s about diagnosing learning disorders based on behavioral observation
(and how crazy that is – when you can look at the brain directly)
Aditi Shankardass: A second opinion on learning disorders
mostly about diagnosis.

* This one is about alternate approaches to learning in poor countries. kinda rambling. but. curious if anyone agrees with his criticisms of modern school systems. His talk is so global i’m kinda like “uh, ok. guess I’ll take your word for it, Dude”
Charles Leadbeater: Education innovation in the slums

(…and when anyone starts talking about “throwing out the established in favor of gambling on something new,” I get very nervous that they might be overlooking old-system side effects which may be invaluable). (i’m reminded of the Philip K. Dick story Progeny, wherein we decide it’s really best that robots raise all out children, since we keep “screwing them up” with faulty parenting. sinister).

From Metroid to Tomodachi Collection to WarioWare: Different Approaches for Different Audiencesheadphones for translation
(GDC Summary)

my Summary:
Yoshio Sakamoto talks about the path that brought him here (teen detective games to metroid to wario). A charming dude with some interesting stories/inspirations.

(Some news services later claimed that his translator got several things backwards. Not 100% i understand the confusion. but, i believe he said the new Metroid:Other M game would have been purely 2d side scroller, like the original, but the translator said “on rails” which made many think of no movement controls at all. which would have been weird.)
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Creating Multi-touch, Multi-user Games on Microsoft SurfaceSurfacing Gang
rm301 (sponsored) (GDC Summary)
Eric Havir (MS Surface) , Dyala Kattan-Wright (Carnegie Mellon University – D&D), Gretchen Richter De Medeiros (MS Surface), Joe Engalan (Vectorform)

My Summary:
Pretty damned useful sales pitch, actually. All my questions were answered, and I was left pretty excited by the possibilities. If this catches on. Later I talked to some industry mocap people and my excitement was reeled back in a bit (because they can track more dots with single $500 camera than this entire $10,000 5 camera system can handle).

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gov guyGrand Challenge for Game Developers rm132 – 4:20pm – Kumar Garg (GDC summary)

lots of nervous nods to the idea that they’re the first administration to approach the gaming community.
talking about how he played games. and what the first family plays.
we’re apparently challenged to build innovative games to help kids eat better and be more active. www.appsforhealthykids.com – announced today.

His appearance, and the challenge, is part of open government initiative.
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JammersGlobal Game Jam – 3pm rm302 (GDC summary)

My Summary:

This session let a handful of teacher-types get up and talked about their favored memories/lessons from this year’s “global game jam” (Basically, there’s this yearly event, where small groups meets up and make a game in under 48 hours).

Raw Notes:

– They had over 900 games submitted. All are available at their .org (w: ….infoverload. yikes). Continue reading

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