here’s a random blue-sky idea for the overly talented Ecampus web team: we could make our own Ecampus Screenreader.
4 features:

– leverage amazon’s OCR tool to just take an image of whatever web page (unity, animation, storyline, pdf, etc.).

– also leverage sizes and fonts to deduce what is filler (menus, tips) and what is primary content (bigger, central, adhering to our internal design standards). And offer that primary content up first.

– could improve on the existing generic screen reader functionality, which often lists everything out exhaustively. sometimes in seemingly random order with redundancies (especially if it wasn’t created properly. you might get things like “image 137. alt tag: button.”).

– could be more focused on delivering a study-centric experience. or letting the user select for delivery based on activity they want to be focusing on (discussion boards presented differently from scanned books, and differently from describing video of a VR experience)

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