current work:
ANTH345 “Bunny Buddies” game technically works with “programmer art placeholders”.
hoping to have it polished enough for use by early next week (adding hand holding messages, dice and card animations, and decipherable start and end game screens), so I can discuss with teacher. Then continue improving as long as time permits.

Plus, here’s a quick raw list of recently completed items:
FW312 Bird Silhouettes (1/15/2014) – added 25 of 28 new birds. just need 3 more tracings

ART 204 – animated speech (family sigil woman) (12/20)

ART 204 – Cave Game (quick demo) (12/4/2013)
+mike’s target render:

H425 – 2×2 table (11/15/2013)

Whiteboard – Working with an ID (11/12/2013)

new FW312 silhouette game (last revision 11/26/2013):

Warren & Lilly & Seth Toon #4:

Warren Bee Toon #1

Lilly ENT322 bee toon#2:

CHN111 memory games. hanzi writing with audio

figure optimal video formatting (need to try to setup internet streaming, for youtube)

seth final exploded Micro animation:

goo –
hive –
Calvin bee model –

+ a handful of posts in Anima blog
+ managing fs#@o blog:

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