Wee! While I’m working in OSU’s Ecampus department (developing multimedia) I thought it’d be fun to keep a blog of interesting research, educational experiments, business innovations and little-known technologies.

today’s examples. (Ecampus Ecamples? er, groan):

  • Gabe Newell dishes several insights into Valve’s cutting edge software distribution: G4tv’s sloppy live log (with extra tasty details) and Gamasutra’s more accurate slimmed down summary

  • Scientist’s have discovered which part of the brain generates envy. AT LAST! (i kid). the article seems light on science. And as I wondered which lobe was pictured, I realized I don’t really know that the old “left brain logic vs. right brain creativity” is in any way based on fact. Not to mention reports I’ve read over the years of serious brain trauma (like gunshots, and/or fluid pressure buildup) leading to complete reorganization in remaining brain matter. hmm. HMMM.