Are you ready for the wildfire season? Some great new sources of information, including a  webinar series and resource packet, are available online to share with family, friends and neighbors as we work to be more aware and more prepared for fire.

Last summer’s 2020 wildfire events affected most Oregonians and we learned that EVERYONE living in Oregon should be prepared for a wildfire emergency. And here we are in July, with 2021 becoming another historic fire year.  So it is important to keep focused even though every community is different, and it can be difficult to navigate all of the resources.

Oregon State University’s Forestry & Natural Resources Extension along with state and local agencies and community partners, is helping Oregonians prepare for the reality of wildfire through greater awareness and action. OSU Extension’s new Fire Program hit the ground running, providing post fire programming last fall, and also a series of fire preparedness webinars this spring.

The Fire Aware. Fire Prepared webinar series aired in spring 2021. Topics included:

  • It takes a village
  • From the home to the landscape
  • Building community for wildfire resilience
  • Be Ready, Be Set, Go!
  • A land of fire
  • When fire hits
  • After the fire

In addition to the webinars, the fire program recently prepared and released a companion resource packet for all of the topics and webinars.  Click HERE to download/view the Resource Packet!

Bookmark it or print and put in a folder to have a handy, skinny overview of key points, resources and a CALL TO ACTION for each webinar topic to help you move forward on your preparedness.

The Fire Aware. Fire Prepared webinar series was highly successful.  The 7 session series featured 22 presenters bringing expertise and perspective from a wide range of vital partner organizations.  Over 2000 people attended the webinars; another 2000 + viewed the recordings (by end of June); and close to 5000 people were reached through the Facebook live event.  We had viewers from all 36 Counties in Oregon and 25 different states.

What if you missed the  webinars? Don’t worry! ALL the Fire Aware. Fire Prepared.webinars were recorded and archived on our YouTube channel in the “fire” section.  Other resources are available at the Extension Fire Program Website.

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