Brad Withrow-Robinson, Forestry & Natural Resources Extension agent, Benton, Linn and Polk Counties, and Amy Grotta, OSU Forestry & Natural Resources Extension agent, Columbia, Washington and Yamhill Counties.

MWM Class of 2019

We are excited about recently finishing a Master Woodland Manager (MWM) training and welcoming a new group of MWM volunteers in the mid and north Willamette Valley. The 22 local landowners hail from Benton, Polk, Washington and Yamhill Counties, and bring a wide range of interests, experience and skills to the program.  This advanced training included eight full days of classes and field tours, over four months, providing participants with lots of practical information and opportunities to share and learn from classmates.

Discussing harvest operations with Dr. Francisca Belart, OSU Extension harvest specialist

For those not familiar with the program, Master Woodland Managers are trained volunteers who have completed this woodland management training presented by OSU Forestry and Natural Resources Extension specialists and agents, and other local forestry experts. The training covers a wide range of forest management topics meant to improve participants’ knowledge and management skills. Class topics include silviculture, wildlife, riparian and fish habitat, forest roads, timber harvest and marketing, and reforestation. 

In return for this training, MWM volunteers contribute time in support of their local communities in many ways:  MWMs are frequently a critical part of local landowner organizations (such as the Oregon Small Woodlands Association and Oregon Tree Farm System), and are often active on Watershed Council or Soil and Water Conservation District Boards.  They are often hosts and presenters at Extension-sponsored education events, hosting property tours or demonstrations, or serving as instructors at events like Tree School. Some MWM volunteers do site visits, and will visit local properties to help landowners identify opportunities for improving their woodland stands and properties, identify sources of assistance and direct them to other resources.

Dr. Guillermo Giannico discusses aquatic habitats with MWM trainees.

The MWM program began over 35 years ago, right here in the mid-Valley.  It is now a statewide program which has trained hundreds of volunteers across the state.  These volunteers contribute thousands of hours annually to Extension and other community organizations.

MWM trainings rotate around the state, returning to a county only every 5 years or so.  We anticipate another training in the Willamette Valley (Clackamas, Linn and Marion Counties) in late 2020, and possibly in Columbia and Coastal counties in 2021. If interested in the MWM program, contact us to find out about pre-requisites for the training and get on an interest list.  You can also contact us to request assistance from a local MWM volunteer. 

Brad Withrow-Robinson (Benton, Linn, or Polk Counties) (541) 713- 5016   

Amy Grotta (Columbia, Washington and Yamhill Counties) (503) 397- 3462

MWM Class of 2019, Benton, Polk, Washington and Yamhill Counties

MWM Class of 2019

Benton County

Diana Blakney – Corvallis

Dan Carr – Junction City

Gary Conner – Philomath

David Ehlers – Hoskins

Sarah Ehlers – Hoskins

Karen Fleck Harding – Wren

Darrell Oakes – Philomath

Dena Oakes – Philomath

Polk County

Marilyn Essex – Dallas

Erik Lamers – Salem

Michael Skindrud – Dallas

George Woodward – Dallas

Washington County

Delilah Ahrendt – Gales Creek

Marc Ahrendt – Gales Creek

John Dummer – Portland

Debi Lorence – Hillsboro

Yamhill County

Brett Aldrich – Amity

Leo Krick – Sheridan

Gordon Smith – Sheridan

Larry Stevens – McMinnville

Nicole Wood – McMinnville

Gary Woodward – Willamina

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