Brad Withrow-Robinson, Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Agent for Benton, Linn and Polk Counties.


Let me begin by saying that I am a Luddite.  I am not the first among my family or peers to embrace new technologies.  I was deeply suspicious of computers, even while my brother carried around stacks of punch cards in high school.  I am nostalgic for analog cell phones, laying  quietly in a bag in the car, unable to play music,  but able to beam a call from way up the Santiam canyon, or pick one up anywhere along Hwy 99 in Polk County!  I could probably have direct dialed the Space Station.    

My cell phone is dumb.  I don’t tweet on Twitter, and I know where all my friends live.

But even a reluctant old dog can learn new tricks.  So when  Amy and I were talking about finding  ways to work together more, she suggested I contribute to the blog.    So I signed up for a test drive.

Expect to see articles from me from time to time.  I’ll cover a range of topics as well as touching on a couple recurring themes,  like “Growing a New Forest”.  I hope to bring you wisdom from some experienced woodland owners and foresters in our area, while covering some of the new science or past discoveries that are the underpinnings of forest management.

But I just thought I ought to set the record straight now.  I am bound to leave the blinker on (or at least the blog-equivalent),  so when it happens,  you’ll know who is at the wheel. 



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