Writing Exercise 1

Prompt: List as many human non-infectious diseases that you can think of that are influenced by microorganisms.  

Diabetes is often affected by chronic cellulitis infections and can result in necrotizing fasciitis to amputations of the lower extremities.

Crohn’s disease can also be affected by fauna in the intestinal tract.

Even normal healthy individuals without any serious medical conditions can suffer from opportunistic microbial infections if there is a skin break.

People who have standing H. Pylori infections (AKA ulcers) can also suffer from exacerbation of their symptoms if they have a devastating change of their intestinal populations.

There are even studies being conducted to see if the gut-brain axis is a factor in the development of ADHD in some patients.

Though I don’t know if there are any official studies, several patients with plaque psoriasis note changes in their diet (restricting gluten and other inflammatory foods) can often result in a reduction of intensity in symptoms.

Another disease affected by microbes is gum disease. People who have problems with their gums will often suffer comorbidities like dental caries and periodontitis due to poor dentation secondary to dietary choices. One paper I read some time ago noted that dental caries are directly related to the number of exposure episodes rather than specific foods.

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