How to rid of bad habits

Routines are very important, a morning routine for example, acts as a base, the roots that will be the base of a good day ahead. Our brains are wired to “do what we do”, if we enjoyed our breakfast sandwich we had yesterday, chances are your body will remember and expect a sandwich when it’s hungry the next morning.

It’s all fun and games until we develop bad habits such as procrastinating, smoking, or plainly going down the rabbit-hole of youtube recommendation. But how can we get away from such things?

There are many ways that people try to rid of their bad habits

Identifying triggers by noting down things like:

  • Where do you commit to the habit?
  • What time of day does it happen?
  • How do you feel when it happens?
  • Are there other people involved?
  • Does it happen right after something else?

Some people, including myself in the past, dealing with cravings on your own can be tough. Quitting along with a friend won’t make the cravings go away. But they might be easier to deal with when facing them with someone else.

Aside from all of that, I find that the best way to rid of a bad habit, is to REPLACE IT WITH A NEW HABIT. There are a many theories around how habits develop. Here is the 3R method:

  • Reminder. This is a trigger, or cue, that could be a conscious behavior, such as entering the house, or a feeling, such as hunger.
  • Routine. This is the behavior associated with the trigger. entering the house cues you to put the keys in the key stand, while feeling hungry can trigger eating a fruit, or going to the drive thru depending on which one you are reminded of, which depends on which one you have done over and over. Doing something over and over can make the behavior routine.
  • Reward. The reward associated with a behavior also helps make a habit stick. If you do something that causes enjoyment or relieves distress, the pleasurable release of dopamine in your brain can make you want to do it again.

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