How to rid of bad habits

Routines are very important, a morning routine for example, acts as a base, the roots that will be the base of a good day ahead. Our brains are wired to “do what we do”, if we enjoyed our breakfast sandwich we had yesterday, chances are your body will remember and expect a sandwich when it’s… Continue reading How to rid of bad habits

Hells Week

For the team, this week is the start of lots and lots of coding. For me as well, development seems to be going steady. Assignments and midterms are coming in and that is why I call this week hell’s week. The project right now is divided into 5 sections: User profile management Chat Pet profile… Continue reading Hells Week

Ready for Camp

First of all, I’m so glad that 2020 is over. The year 2020 is a year I will never forget and a year that has shaped my life forever. Aside from that, 2021 started off with some disappointing news when I realise that my teammates didn’t do any of the home works that I gave… Continue reading Ready for Camp

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!