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Design System for the Community Garden by Lindsay Kinkade

“Lindsay Kinkade is a Senior Director in the ASU Enterprise Marketing Hub, Lindsay Kinkade leads a team of designers, photographers and editors creating storytelling materials showcasing the excellence, innovation and impact of ASU. In her role, she brings innovative experimental design strategies and startup business skills to the development of enterprise-level solutions. Building prototypes, templates, tools and large-scale campaigns, Kinkade and her team design award-winning projects that strengthen the visual brand of ASU.She has earned an MFA with honors in graphic design from the Rhode Island School of Design, a BA in journalism and a BA in political science from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.”

This source is unique because it’s a case study rather than an article. Kinkade breaks down this case study for a design system for a community garden. The sections include the brief, budget, research, strategies, challenges, effectiveness, and additional information. There are important notes of “We are part of the same community”, “Design doesn’t have to be either free or expensive”, and “Open source is a powerful model”.

They were asked to develop a logo for the 30th anniversary, a project they worked to convert into a group of designers collaborating with this community-strong company, which works on a shoestring budget, into a system design project. In Providence, SCLT is the largest community garden organization. It did not compete directly with other classes, but was primarily in competition with itself. As needs arose, so many personalities had emerged that the picture of the party was uncertain. Individual designers were not bound to the picture choices they made. Each artist and designer worked in a vacuum, giving the limited visual resources of the company the best he or she could provide. In the mutual search of a common identity for the materials for SCLT, we suggested uniting these designers.

Kinkade, Lindsay. “Case Study: Design System for the Community Garden.” AIGA,

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