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DIY urbanism: implications for cities by Donovan Finn

“An urban planner, Donovan Finn’s research focuses on sustainability and resiliency planning in the New York region, the utility of public participation for effective planning, and understanding how communities effectively recover from disaster. He has consulted with local governments in Illinois and Missouri on growth management and sustainable development, and works regularly with non-profit organizations and local governments in New York City and Long Island on issues of sustainability, resilience, and public participation.”

A burgeoning do-it-yourself (DIY) urbanism movement is gaining notice in American and global cities as amateur designers create and implement small-scale interventions in urban public spaces. While tactics differ greatly and may have some advantages. Certain consumers have the opportunity to carefully and considerably complicate strategies for long-term planning and urban architecture. This article examines the current and historical aspects of In view of their effect on cities, recent precedents on which the current DIY urbanism movement is based, and assesses DIY strategies, particularly how cities might interact with DIY initiatives in ways that optimize their capacity for positive change while achieving priorities such as public safety, affordability, and adherence to long-range visions.

This article also goes through what urban d.i.y. is, the history and context, it’s modern roots, why it’s significant, the challenges and complexity, and ways to harness the enthusiasm. Public officials are also increasingly witnessing a (seemingly) new brand of citizen-led place-making operation in towns across the United States and internationally. They can go as aliases of Tactical Urbanism, Guerilla Urbanism, Temporary Urbanism, Pop-Up Urbanism, and Insurgent

Urbanism, among many other proposed labels. Many of these activities are part of a do-it-yourself (DIY) trend in which urban people use what cities would not, or will not, fix urban problems.

Finn, Donovan. “DIY Urbanism: Implications for Cities.” Journal of Urbanism: International Research on Placemaking and Urban Sustainability, vol. 7, no. 4, 2014, pp. 381–398., doi:10.1080/17549175.2014.891149.

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