Influenced by Compensation?

When working in the workforce, I have seen myself to be easily influenced by compensation. About a year ago I was working for a company that I was being under-compensated for. I was doing so much important work and wasn’t being compensated for it. When I began to feel underappreciated/underpaid, I quickly found myself searching for a new job. After I started looking for a new job, I noticed I became less present at work and felt less motivated to work as hard as I did. After a few weeks had past I found a job that not only paid more but offered better incentives which resulted in me leaving my other job.

After some time passed with my new job, I realized the incentives had a big influence on my motivation to want to work hard because I felt more appreciated for my work. Ultimately, if you feel like what you are doing is important and is appreciated by the company than you will become loyal to them. Therefore, being a company with a good compensation strategy is extremely advantages to retaining their employees. Without it, the company will begin to see employees disengaged and not feeling important like I was before I left.

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