Taming the Technosphere is an Earth System Science blog.  The peer-reviewed literature and the popular media are awash these days in fascinating information, ideas, and opinions about the past, present, and future of planet Earth.  There is a struggle to define and apply terms like Gaia, biosphere, technosphere, Earth system, and global sustainability.  Faced with the challenge of global environmental change, humanity must do a better job thinking and acting globally; this blog aims to facilitate that process. 

I teach graduate classes in the area of global environmental change at Oregon State University and am winding down my career as a research professor in the field of carbon cycle science.  I wrote The Green Marble, which is a synthesis of recent ideas in the field of Earth system science, and these blog posts are follow-ups to that publication.

Comments and suggestions are welcome on the individual blog posts.  Please link to them from elsewhere on the web when relevant.  Reposting is fine with acknowledgment.  The blog posts are living documents in the sense that I may edit or add material if something interesting comes up.

The opinions, facts and any media content in this blog are presented solely by the author.  Oregon State University does not endorse or assume any responsibility for this material.

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