LET Community Summer Exploration

LET 360A huge thank you to everyone who participated face-to-face or virtually in the Learning Educational Technologies (LET) Community this academic year! We had lively discussions surrounding social media in education, YouSeeU, hybrid/online teaching, adaptive analytics and more. As a result of our collaboration, several of us presented A Smorgasbord of Integrating Educational Learning Tools at the Spring 2016 Ecampus Faculty Forum

We rounded out the year with a celebration of accomplishments and an exploration of emerging technologies. Victor Yee shared work by the Ecampus Multimedia team. Some of it can be accessed on the Outreach and Engagement Technology presentation Canvas site. Cub Kahn showed us a hybrid poster using Aurasma, which can quickly add a virtual dimension to posters. Jennifer Bachman took a 360 picture of the group and showcased it on Google Cardboard Glasses. Cheridy Aduviri shared a few nostalgic, fun sites like Itch-A-Skitch and Star Wars Crawl Creator. She also shared some favorite online map sites and encourages K-12 educators to think creatively while browsing the When Tech Met Ed Educational Sites tab. Jennifer treated us to homemade scones! As we continue our learning technology explorations, we consider frameworks that take into consideration supporting learning, creativity, communication, collaboration, etc. in meaningful and new ways.

If you weren’t able to join us, check out some of the sites linked to in this post. Consider joining the Tech’d Out Learning Facebook group over the summer.

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