New Ways to Roll Coming to OSU 

Imagine – getting across the Corvallis campus faster without breaking a sweat. Riding on a lighted bike or scooter when it’s late. Parking a bike or scooter close to your campus destination. Discounted rides for those on tight budgets. It’s all possible with shared micromobility.  

ASOSU and OSU Transportation Services are collaborating on a Shared Micromobility Pilot Project. The goal is to advance the OSU Sustainable Transportation Strategy through shared bikes and scooters. Students, employees, and the community can benefit from new options to get around campus with shared pedal bikes and e-scooters. 

Through a comprehensive informal procurement process, a selection committee considered several vendors. Many stakeholders across campus had the chance to weigh in on each vendor’s offerings.  

Progress towards the Shared Micromobility Pilot is underway, with a 2024 launch anticipated. Please contact Transportation Services with questions or look for announcements in future posts. 

Learn more about the City of Corvallis and Micromobility

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