Women in polar science: What will it take to melt the culture?

Spring/Summer 2023

The icy poles were historically the province of pioneering men. Early explorations and scientific field work excluded women entirely, and while polar science today has far better gender parity than in decades past, the legacy of exclusion persists. Our cover story looks squarely at discrimination and bias in polar science that has marginalized women (and other excluded groups) through the experiences of some of CEOAS’ excellent polar researchers. The piece examines the intertwine of systemic and situational barriers, the ways women have challenged the system, and the opportunities for institutions like CEOAS to continue to make polar science safe, welcoming and productive for everyone. We are inspired by the brave stories of women featured here and hope you enjoy reading them.

We have lots of other exciting content in this issue. Learn about the many ways sediment moves through the environment, and how Emily Eidam is tracking its transport to understand everything from beach building to how pollutants linger in a system. CEOAS faculty members Rene Boiteau and Kristen Buck are sleuthing for rare but important elements in the marine environment as part of an international scientific program called GEOTRACES. Meet one of our new instructors, Park Muhonda, and hear about international water cooperation from graduate student Zoe Rosenblum.

As always, thanks for reading.

Nancy Steinberg, Co-editor
Abby Metzger, Co-editor

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